Saturday, November 10, 2007

catching up

Okay, so I signed up for finally. I am blogging about it as requested. I figure It'll come in handy when I need to access sites I use at work (currently favorites) when I'm out on Buttercup with the laptop. I started transfering them to my site and will plan to play with it later. My blogs are not very long but I am getting them done. On to RSS and podcasts...;O

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

better late than never

Okay, gonna start kinda boring on this thing. I've blogged on myspace a bit and have friends that use it for journaling and music networking. This whole virtual world is amazing! I spend a couple of hours a day messaging and commenting with friends and family. I've never been good a snail mail or even e-mail (except when necessary @ work) but this myspace thing is addictive! This is different, but once you get used to a different look and navigating techniques, it's pretty easy.
One thing about this virtual form does disturb me. I am a classic typist and have what my family refers to the "cosmic editor gene". Call me old fashioned but I want to take a red pen to all the posts/bulletins/blogs/messages/ get the idea. The spelling, the memes, the shorcuts drive me nuts!! What's worse, I find myself doing it too! :( It's like picking up an accent when you visit somewhere foreign. No matter how hard you try, you start to mimic the people and sounds around you and, before you know it, you come talking funny!

I guess idk what 2 do, take it 1 day @ a time and try not to lol 2 much ;P